But it will often be so excellent that you want to bet at 1xBet.

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But it will often be so excellent that you want to bet at 1xBet.

The only thing you have to start thinking about besides the two requirements is the fact that there is absolutely no more than 30 days for the implementation. And of course this bonus is only available once per customer. This also applies to families, households, IP addresses and so on. Another important topic for our 1xBet review is the odds key. It expresses how much money you can win if you are successful. And that’s a remarkable amount. 1xBet has a fluctuating key. Which means you could get a remarkable 98% in addition to 95% or comparable values ​​for sporting events which can be particularly in focus. In our experience, 1xBet is generally above average. The average values ​​of this key are 93%. Even with 1xBet, not every odds is going to be fundamentally better than with the competition. But it will often be so excellent that you want to bet at 1xBet. Especially since the topic of 1xBet tax also speaks in favor of trying it here.

The legally prescribed tax on sports betting in Germany of 5% does not have to be paid. That leads to higher profits. For us it offers the impression that at 1xBet the focus is generally on sports betting. With regards to important sporting events, for example in football, this bookmaker’s approach is no different than with regards to an exotic sport that does not attract much attention. The odds are good everywhere, often better than the competition. Whether upper leagues or lower leagues in football, it makes no difference. If we have to guess, then, of course, games in the Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League and World Cups (to name just a few examples) are the focus of the odds. If 1xBet presented better values ​​than usual here, it would not be surprising. Now we arrive at our 1xBet test on the topic of 1xBet app and 1xBet mobile internet site. There are both.

This is more unusual than it might seem at first. You can easily open the 1xBet internet site via your smartphone or tablet – provided there is a connection to the Internet. Installation is not necessary. It’s all like sitting in front of a normal computer. Even if you cannot find the 1xBet app in an official store, it is possible to activate and install it via the internet site. They are available for the Android operating system, for Apple devices, even for Java devices, which will be unusual. Of course, these mobile apps are completely free. They contain the entire program and you always have the option of doing your mobile sports betting at 1xBet in the way you prefer. Or use the entire other program. That’s up to you. iOS, Android and, as announced, Java are the three apps you can download. Also in this area under the heading Mobile Apps you will find a reference to the 1xBet browser.1 mobile apk download Only the Windows Phone is not listed here. This can of course be used whenever browser is opened. You have to download the apps from the internet site.

it is a bit unusual for the iPhone, but normal for Android devices. For this you download a data package. You have to allow unknown sources on your smartphone or tablet PC. Once this is done, there is a so-called APK on the unit. You open this as well as the installation begins. The next topic in our 1xBet review is the 1xBet experience with live betting. As already indicated, in addition to the normal sports betting, there is an area on the website under the title Live. Here you can see a variety of sports with changing odds. That is the principle of this offer. There should be over 1000 every single day. It is possible to filter between different sports.

Are you only interested in football? Tennis? Or basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, table tennis, e-sports? There are a few surprises at 1xBet. Which means the 1xBet experience will be positive at 1xBet Live. Of course, especially if you select the right moment based on the odds. As indicated, 1xBet offers a remarkable amount in this area. The program is popular, the ratings are good and nothing is missing from a international perspective. Nonetheless, you cannot rely on live streams at 1xBet. This has to do with the fact that rights have to be bought on the Internet.

As an internationally oriented company, 1xBet would have to purchase the rights for different nations here, which would definitely not be cheap. Although, to be honest, we don’t know for sure whether there aren’t streams in some nations. For our 1xBet test report, we took a look at the possibilities for an important football game. It is possible to bet on intermediate scores, goals, players, punishments and so on. A cash out is a way to sell a bet. It really is enjoying increasing popularity. If this possibility exists, it will be exhibited at 1xBet. This is of great importance for a field report. You have the opportunity to minimize any losses. Otherwise there are no special options regarding bets. At least none with which 1xBet advertises offensively. Nonetheless, it is a certain peculiarity that there are many options regarding finance, politics and e-sports. We don’t want to hide this as a 1xBet experience. The chance of a cash out is therefore not the only plus point to be mentioned with this betting provider. a little excursion into the gambling area follows.

We have already indicated as 1xBet experience that much more is offered than just sports betting. Usually a casino is reported here. This is available at 1xBet, but it is called – for whatever reason – 1xBet Slots. Poker, roulette and blackjack can also be played on this website. This is always possible in a live casino. There are of course no slots to choose from. Then there are bingo, lotteries and so on. You may be surprised about a special feature. Cockfights are meant. For this we have admittedly no betting tips suggestions. Now we arrive at possible actions for existing customers. They actually exist and in a great variety. We give attention to sports betting.

We have left out the casino as well as the e-sports area for reasons of space. To start with, you can get up to 100 euros every Friday. You only have to pay in an number of 1 euro or maybe more. The exact same conditions apply as for the new customer bonus. As a result, it is possible to benefit equally on a Wednesday. In addition, at 1xBet there is the possibility of increasing the odds for combinations on every single day. We have to disappoint you if you’d like to collect points for assignments. We mentioned several times in our 1xBet test that 1xBet is internationally oriented. The offer exists in 60 countries worldwide. This makes the question of how support is all the more important. There is a live chat and various email addresses. a free call is also possible. Communication is mainly in English.

But a German mail address is set up. Some important questions are listed in a separate section on the website. The possibility of videos or tutorials is not offered, nonetheless. Allegedly, support is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the week. So you can always ask him: how can 1xBet work? In order to plainly mention our findings again, we would like to point out that there is a telephone hotline. a free call to 1xBet is possible.

A German area code is given so as you are able to put it to use to communicate in German. Live chat offers the possibility, but you have to expect English. The various e-mails are already characterized by the titles are in English. Nonetheless, information address is available in German. 1xBet is active in the area of ​​social media, for example via WhatsApp. Perhaps you even became aware of the offer in this way. Because there are special promotions. Now we arrive at area that surprises at 1xBet.

The theme is deposit and withdrawal. This demonstrates that fraud is not to be expected and that 1xBet works seriously. There was hardly an option that does not exist at 1xBet. Only one exception was noticed: 1xBet PayPal. PayPal chooses its partners very carefully according to various criteria. There was clearly no cooperation with 1xBet. Use the usual alternatives Skrill and Neteller. Credit cards, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung and Giropay may also be popular in Germany. Normal transfers may also be possible.

you could initiate payments from 1 euro and up to any other amount. Incidentally, also via bitcoins! What has to be said about the deposit at 1xBet also applies to the payout. There are so many options here. Many are not known in Germany. You can have money paid to your account via the detours Skrill and Neteller. Or use credit cards.

Or options that you haven’t seen before. It is important that withdrawals are often processed within minutes. There was hardly any waiting time with regard to the 1xBet payout period. As for upper amounts, i.e. limits, you don’t have to pay attention to anything either. 1xBet is generally very generous on this topic. This is an important difference to other sports betting providers. According to our research, at 1xBet there is almost nothing that does not exist regarding payments. We have already indicated this with the 1xBet payout period. The advice in an official sports betting guide is always that you should pay attention to the minimum stakes and the maximum winnings. With 1xBet this is simply not necessary. If an amount of only 1 euro is sufficient for a 1xBet voucher, it is possible to of course also use money in this context.

But you could also dare almost any amount upwards. Since you can also withdraw any amount, it can only be said at this point that winnings are not limited. Two important questions still have to be answered in this test: How safe is 1xBet? And: is 1xBet serious? Every sports betting provider has a license. Usually Malta is reported here, sometimes also from the Caribbean or Gibraltar. At 1xBet, the license comes from Cyprus, which is a bit surprising. The security standards on the website are high. There are well-known partners in 1xBet Casino. If you then also know that the offer has existed since 2007 and has never attracted negative attention, you then know that it is possible to place your bets using this provider of sports betting with complete peace of mind. a special paragraph should be devoted to the subject of tax. As you may know, there is a gambling law in Germany. Which means a tax of 5% is due on sports betting if you place it in Germany.

an extremely small group assumes this tax. So it doesn’t matter. As with 1xBet. That means you are saving money here. The odds are often good. But even if they are somewhat worse, in the end there is a greater return if successful. Keep this in mind when you’ve got good betting tips. It is a fact that 1xBet belongs to an extremely small group. The tax is another plus. Even if there are a few little things at 1xBet that are irritating in a certain way, the conclusion after our test is extremely positive. 1xBet is rated as good and recommended. The scope of the offer as well as the remarkable quotas as well since the maneuvering associated with the tax provide plus points. The bonuses are interesting, including the conditions.

We don’t just mean the new customer bonus, but also the many other promotions. We have no doubts about the seriousness. But a license from Cyprus is certainly unusual. On the other hand, it is a license from Europe. We like it better than an official “operating permit” from the Caribbean. We have previously named the strengths of 1xBet.

We would like to emphasize once more that the odds are often better than those of the competition. In any case, the main element is extremely high. The program can be so extensive that it even includes cockfights. We emphasized that there is a lot more besides sports betting. The design of the internet site might be a bit unusual. But you get used to it. The large number of means of payment is a bit irritating, although this is of course to be rated positively. The lack of PayPal here is a disadvantage. Anyone who offers so many options actually has to present PayPal also. You have to be registered or logged in to post a comment. We use cookies on our internet site. Cookies help us evaluate page usage in order to display usage-based editorial content and advertising. In our data protection declaration, data protection declaration and cookie directive, we explain how you can reject and delete cookies. 1xbet the betting shop, the mirror, the casino, the mobile version 1Xbet is a relatively young online betting company which includes grown rapidly since it was launched in 2007.

It was launched as a sports betting company by a Russian company in 2010 and started working as an online betting platform in 2011. Since starting their Internet operations in 2011, they have started to grow rapidly and quickly gain more than 400,000 customers. They currently hold a license from Curacao and so are administered by Techinfusion Limited in Gibraltar. They have already surpassed a number of other online bookmakers in the past few years. With very competitive odds and prices, they can lead the betting market. With regards to their sports betting, they offer live streaming of games and casino sports too. They also offer 40 different languages ​​to cater to a wide variety of people.

also one of the first online betting companies to accept bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals. There are four ways you can register at 1xbet. They are given below: When registering with one click, all you need to do is enter your country and currency. If you choose this method, you may automatically be given a username and password. You just have to enter your other data in your account later. To register the phone number, you just need to provide your number as well as the currency of your choice.