Dating Vintage Patterns. 1930’s Hollywood Pattern 1940’s Hollywood Pattern

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Dating Vintage Patterns. 1930’s Hollywood Pattern 1940’s Hollywood Pattern

Vintage Advance Patterns:

  • Vintage Advance Patterns
  • Date through the 1930’s-1960’s
  • No dates that are printed the vintage habits
  • 1930’s The Eiffel Tower seems into the logo design
  • 1940’s & 1950’s title logo design appears nearby the top of envelope in bold kind
  • 1960’s title logo design relocated to along side it. In 1962 the Sew effortless habits had the true title logo design from the bottom of envelope
  • Many 1940’s & 1950’s patterns had been unprinted
  • One of many final organizations in order to make unprinted habits
  • The habits had been offered solely by J.C. Penney. When you look at the mid 1960’s the Advance business ended up being offered to Puritan Fashions. They stopped with the Advance name.

1940’s Advance Pattern 1950’s Advance Pattern 1960’s Advance Pattern

Vintage Butterick Patterns:

  • Vintage Butterick Patterns
  • Habits were undated
  • Beginning within the 1920 ‘s a Deltor (instruction sheet) had been included
  • Envelopes into the 1930’s had been ordinary with easy designs
  • Beginning in the belated 1940’s Butterick began printing their habits. Moved far from perforated habits with all the holes & notches.
  • Throughout the 1950’s logo design had been put into the top of remaining part with a colored package around it.
  • Early 1960’s name logo design relocated towards the side that is left. Mid 1960’s logo design relocated returning to the very best.

1940’s Butterick Pattern 1950’s Butterick Pattern 1960’s Butterick Pattern

1970’s Butterick Pattern

Vintage Hollywood Patterns:

  • Vintage Hollywood Patterns
  • Habits were undated
  • Produced from the 1930’s to your belated 1940’s
  • Many of these habits had been unprinted
  • Marketed fashions from films

1930’s Hollywood Pattern 1940’s Hollywood Pattern

Vintage McCall’s Patterns:

  • Vintage McCall or McCall’s Patterns
  • Many through the 1940’s to were dated today
  • Dated at different points from the envelopes: Bottom, right part, around top flap
  • Patterns before 1951 had been called McCall with no S. The S was added in 1952.
  • Early 1940’s McCall logo design was produced in a script font in the part
  • Through the very early 1960’s the logo switched edges. By 1965 a colored logo design had been added.
  • Because of the mid 1970’s the colored logo club had been eliminated.

1940’s McCall Pattern 1950’s McCall’s Pattern 1960’s McCall’s Pattern

1970’s McCall’s Pattern

Classic Mail Order Patterns:

  • Classic Mail Order Patterns
  • Habits were undated
  • The way that is only date these habits is through the style or even the postmark in the envelope
  • Obtainable in publications, papers, etc. From 1930’s – 1980’s
  • Popular makes are Marian Martin, Anne Adams & Laura Wheeler

1930 Mail Order Pattern 1940 Mail Purchase Pattern 1950 Mail Purchase Pattern

1960 Mail Purchase Pattern 1970 Mail Purchase Pattern

Vintage Ease Of Use Patterns:

  • Vintage Simplicity Habits
  • 1960’s – Present: Dated at the top right right back of pattern envelope
  • Pre 1960’s – date had been moved second web page of instruction sheet
  • Throughout the 1940’s the font ended up being printed in a script style.
  • Mid 1960’s the font had been printed in a script that is colored.
  • Late 1960’s logo changed up to a block page font in a very colored field & put on the top of the envelope.

1940’s simpleness Pattern 1950’s simpleness Pattern 1960’s ease of use Pattern

1970’s ease of use Pattern

Vintage Vogue Patterns:

  • Vintage Vogue Patterns
  • 1950’s & Early 1960’s – the majority are dated
  • 1980’s – each one is dated
  • Date is available front bottom remaining corner or envelope right right straight back
  • An easy task to Sew started within the very early 1950’s
  • Late 1940’s the Paris Original line ended up being introduced
  • Late 1960’s Americana line ended up being introduced

1940’s Vogue Pattern 1950’s Vogue Pattern 1960’s Vogue Pattern