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The construction is known as hejleh which is the same time period used for the union of the newly wed couple on their marriage ceremony night time. This merchandise was used extensively during the struggle with Iraq with many lifeless young men to commemorate the fact that they died without ever being married. If the particular person dies earlier through the day, the physique will be taken to the native mosque or to the appointed cemetery to be washed and ready.

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However if the individual dies late at evening the physique will be kept at home with lights on or candles burning all night time, resembling the pre-Islamic traditions. It is believed that the evil spirits will attack the lifeless if left in darkness. The holy book Quran will be positioned shut or on the useless particular person to both shield and bless the deceased. People who’re buried shortly are assumed to have been excellent in their life and that is considered a blessing.

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  • The face will be uncovered and part of the kafan overlaying the face will be positioned under head over the brick.
  • A gravedigger or a member of the family usually is stationed in the pit to position the useless properly in accordance with spiritual prescriptions.
  • The deceased is placed on his proper facet dealing with Mecca.
  • Under his head might be positioned a brick and a raw mosaic .
  • Till lately brick partitions on both sides supported the grave and once the lifeless was positioned in the grave a brick cowl could be added on prime of the sidewalls to fully cover the lifeless.
  • The high value of such actions has forced many people to abandon such traditions.

Ordinary individuals would be laid in easy graves within the earth. The Zoroastrian word ‘dakhma’ comes from this period and means ‘grave’. To assist the departed soul, the family would pray, quick and make a blood sacrifice in the course of the first three days.

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With most Iranians after the 40th day an elderly member of the household adjustments from black into a special color. This signifies that the rest can cease wearing black. Some will do this after the anniversary relying how close they had been to the deceased. Till nineteenth century with the wealthy, the oldest family member despatched costume fabrics in colours other than black to mourners indicating the top of the mourning.

Historical evidence signifies that till 11th century white and blue were nonetheless commonly used as mourning colors. Leading family members would be buried on the backside of deep shafts covered by earthen barrows.