Negative equity: exactly what this means and what you could do about any of it

Negative equity: exactly what this means and what you could do about any of it

If you’re in negative equity you could see it tough to maneuver home or remortgage. Discover what you can certainly do therefore the help that is available.

What’s negative equity?

For those who have an interest-only home loan you may be more at chance of negative equity than when you yourself have a repayment home loan. That’s since your monthly premiums don’t get towards decreasing the worth of the debt, just towards the interest.

A residential property is within negative equity if it is well worth lower than the home loan guaranteed onto it, and it also’s normally due to dropping home rates.

For instance, if you had purchased a house for ВЈ150,000, with home financing for ВЈ120,000 plus the home is currently well worth ВЈ100,000, you will be in negative equity.

But, in the event that you had purchased a residential property for ВЈ150,000 with a home loan for ВЈ120,000 also it’s now well worth ВЈ130,000, you’d perhaps not maintain negative equity.

It’s estimated that there are about half a million properties in negative equity when you look at the UK, while some areas are impacted much more than the others.

It’s a certain issue in Northern Ireland, where as much as two out of each and every five properties purchased after 2005 have been in negative equity.

Just how do I understand if I’m in negative equity?

You will possibly not understand whether or otherwise not you’re in negative equity.

To begin with, ring your loan provider to locate away just how much your debt now.

Upcoming, ask a nearby property representative to appreciate your house or instruct a surveyor (who can charge with this).

In the event that worth of the home is below your balance, then you’re in negative equity.

Conditions that include negative equity

It’s a sudden issue should you want to offer your house.

Until you have actually savings that can be used to settle the essential difference between the worthiness of your house therefore the home loan, you will probably find it hard to go.

It is also hard should you want to remortgage; maybe to a hard and fast price or a less expensive deal.

Many loan providers will likely not allow people who have negative equity change to a new home loan deal whenever their current one comes to an end.

Rather, they’re going to ordinarily be moved on the lender’s standard variable price.

Going home if you’re in negative equity

Exactly how effortless it really is to go depends on several facets, such as for instance:

Confer with your loan provider in the beginning and discover just what help they are able to provide you with.

A tremendously tiny quantity of loan providers provide a ‘negative equity mortgage’.

This can enable you to transfer your negative equity to your brand-new home, however you will nevertheless be likely to spend a deposit.

Benefits and drawbacks of negative equity mortgages


  • It is possible to go household and never having to pay back the negative equity in your home loan. This can be especially helpful if you want to go for work or household reasons and can’t put it well.


  • You have to pay for early payment fees on the current home loan.
  • There is additional charges and fees, as well as your brand new home loan may have a higher rate of interest than your existing one.
  • Hardly any lenders provide them.

Cutting your negative equity

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When possible, it is smart to attempt to lower your negative equity by overpaying your home loan.

Firstly, always check whether your current mortgage allow you to make overpayments and, in that case, just how much you can easily overpay without incurring an early on payment fee.

Next, work down how much extra you really can afford to pay for each month or as a one-off.

Go online for a mortgage overpayment calculator.

This may payday loan quick Indiana let you know just how much distinction your additional repayments will make.

A few home loans and loan providers have actually these tools.

Leasing out your home if you’re in negative equity

Another choice may be to rent your property in the event the loan provider will consent to this.

This will suggest you retain the current home loan, even though you will likely need to pay a higher rate of interest.

You’d also need to inform your insurer.

Simple tips to get ready for an interest price increase

Rates of interest have already been during the exact same base price amount of 0.5per cent because the springtime of 2009.

However if interest levels increase, it is crucial to ensure that you can certainly still afford your home loan repayments.

It’s particularly important if you’re in negative equity while you could possibly be more in danger of getting your house repossessed.

Your skill if you’re struggling to pay for your home loan

Learn where you might get free assistance making use of our financial obligation advice locator.

If you should be currently in arrears on your own home loan, speak to your loan provider to get advice in one associated with the financial obligation advice charities.