We also present some of them to you in our photo show.

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We also present some of them to you in our photo show.

We also present some of them to you in our photo show.

Zurich: The Singing One

Most Christmas trees can light up. But sing? The Singing Christmas Tree in Zurich achieves this feat. The idea is quite simple: a choir placed in the tree brings it "to sound" and puts the audience in a pre-Christmas mood. There are daily performances by choirs from all over Switzerland. The romantic Christmas market with its nostalgic carousel does the rest. The tradition of the singing Christmas tree originally comes from America and dates back to 1952.

Innsbruck: The crystal

When the world’s largest crystal glass company Swarovski resides at the gates of the Alpine city, it is not surprising that the Christmas market on the market square is outshone by a tree made entirely of Swarovski crystals. The crystal tree is 14 meters high and enhances the family Christmas market in the style of a Tyrolean village.

New York: The Celebrity

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It will be another unimaginable media spectacle when New York City Mayor Bill di Blasio carries out the festive Christmas Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Plaza on December 3rd. The tree, which is up to 27 meters high, mostly a Norwegian spruce, is decorated with around 30,000 lights and a star with 25,000 crystals (Swarovski has his fingers in the game again) – a stunning sight. Traditionally, the tree trunk is delivered to the American show jumping team in January, after it has been freed from branches and decoration, and they process the trunk into jumping hurdles.

Washington: The historic one

In these zappish times for the US government, the White House urgently needs enlightenment. During the Christmas season, the National Christmas Tree can take on this task. Much like the ceremony in New York, the president’s turning on the Christmas tree lights is a nationally broadcast, eagerly anticipated television event. It takes place on December 4th this year and dates back to 1923. The Pathway to Peace, which leads to the splendidly glowing Christmas tree, is marked by a multitude of smaller trees.

London: The Norwegian

The history of the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square dates back to World War II. It is a gift from the Norwegians to the British as a thank you for their support in the war. The tree is traditionally 50 to 60 years old and 20 meters high. Always on the first Thursday evening in December (December 4th this year), it is enlightened at a solemn ceremony and warms the hearts of Londoners until January 6th.

Alaska: The lonely one

He is not the tallest and not the most beautiful under the firmament. But anyone who drives along the Glenn Highway between Anchorage and Palmer in winter falls into a sentimental mood when the illuminated Christmas tree appears out of nowhere in the middle of the loneliness. The only tree far and wide, it seems. A real heart-warmer in the uninviting arctic winter landscape, from whose magic only the dancing northern lights in the sky distract.

Maine: The Maritime

The sight of lobsters and lobster traps is a familiar sight in the US east coast state. On Beals Island, visitors marvel at Christmas trees of a different kind. They are constructed entirely from old lobster traps and soar up to 20 meters into the sky. Islanders started building the first lobster tree a few years ago, which in the following year attracted imitators and has now degenerated into a small competition.

Rio de Janeiro: The Swimmer

At the beginning of Advent, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest floating Christmas tree has its splendid appearance. The 542-tonne and 85-meter-high steel structure in Lagõa Rodrigo-de-Freitas will then be illuminated every night by 3.3 million light bulbs until January 6th with changing light motifs. The opening will be staged as a pyrotechnic and musical spectacle.

The Christmas market in Dortmund is a particularly worthwhile destination for excursions with the whole family during Advent: more than 300 stalls are waiting for visitors, placed around a 45 meter high Christmas tree.

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Huge range of 300 stands

Illuminated glass balls, cuddly warm products made of lambskin or a special soap for Christmas: There is almost nothing that cannot be found at the Christmas market in Dortmund. No wonder when you consider that around 300 stands have been set up here.

The offer becomes more extensive every year. It is not uncommon for one to two dozen new dealers to be on site for the first time. The Christmas market in Dortmund traditionally begins before the first Advent and ends on December 23rd.

45 meter high Christmas tree as an attraction

The Christmas market in Dortmund is known not only for the wide range of products on offer, but also for a very special attraction – its Christmas tree, which rises a good 45 meters. Around 48,000 lights, which are switched on every year by the mayor during a ceremony, ensure festive splendor.

Mulled wine tumbler: Sought after by collectors

Every year a new mulled wine cup with a special motif comes out just in time for the Christmas market in Dortmund. The cups are coveted collector’s items. They alone are a sufficient reason for many visitors to come to Dortmund during the Advent season.

Musical program on stage

Regardless of whether you like it contemplative or want to look for gifts on Sundays: the Christmas market in Dortmund has something to offer for every taste. There are ecumenical services, a Sunday shopping and a colorful musical program on a large stage.

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Year after year, the stars of the pop and hit scene give each other the handle. And over everything lies the smell of chocolate, roasted almonds and fresh crêpes, which is so typical of the Advent season.

For many, the scent is what they love so much about their Christmas tree. The Douglas fir has a special sophistication in this regard: the conifer gives off a fine scent of oranges. Do you want to buy such a Christmas tree? Here you get more information.

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Buy a Christmas tree: The Douglas fir includes an orange scent

It doesn’t have to be a classic Nordmann fir every year. If you’re looking to buy a Christmas tree this year, then you should think about a Douglas fir, for example. The slim growing conifer gives its owners pleasure not only with the typical smell of fir, but also with a touch of orange.

The fragrant benefits of the fir, which originally came from North America, are particularly effective in heated rooms. Another advantage: the needles of the tree are soft, which is why it is easy to decorate.

The Douglas fir becomes wider in a conical shape and is characterized by twigs that are erect at an angle. Compared to the popular Nordmann fir, the branches of the Douglas fir are not as dense. The needles are gray-green in color and stand individually so that the wood of the branches shimmers through.

The Douglas fir is therefore something special among its conspecifics and therefore worth considering if you want to buy a Christmas tree. In terms of durability, it is on the average compared to other trees. In terms of price, it moves below the Nordmann fir and the blue spruce.

Douglas fir also suitable as a Christmas tree for outdoors

The Douglas fir also makes a good Christmas tree in the garden. It requires little maintenance and is usually very persistent. Since the branches of the tree are very flexible, they are more suitable for light Christmas decorations.

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With a chain of lights and a few red ribbons, the Christmas tree is guaranteed to make children’s eyes light up.

Constance (dpa / tmn) – The Advent season on Lake Constance is reflective. The huge Christmas market beckons in Constance, St. Gallen shines in the starlight. If you are looking for a place of calm, you can go to the Mainau – to Swedish specialties and animals from the tropics.

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It’s not because of the mulled wine that a ship suddenly passes by at the end of the Christmas market. Finally, in Friedrichshafen, the path between the stalls leads directly down to Lake Constance. Even in winter there is a lot to see around Europe’s third largest inland lake.

Shipping does not stop in the winter months, visitors can take the ferry or catamaran around. The last time Lake Constance was completely frozen in 1963. In Friedrichshafen, the route leads directly from the ship to the Christmas market: For two years now, Budendorf has started at the Zeppelin Museum at the port.

A few meters from the exit point, decorated wooden booths greet the passengers, the branches in the plane tree garden between the Zeppelin Museum and the K42 media building are adorned with thousands of small lights. The path leads along the shores of Lake Constance to the city’s baroque castle. Advent in the castle courtyard of the Duke of Württemberg is small but nice. Mulled wine made from their own grapes is served in cups designed by the Duchess of Württemberg. Her stage name is DxDiane.

In St. Gallen on the Swiss side, streets and roofs are often powdered white as snow, while the shores of Lake Constance are still wearing a gray robe. The huge fir tree on the monastery square creates a Christmas atmosphere in the monastery district. In Advent, 700 filigree luminous stars spread over the squares and alleys of the "Star city" hover.

As a place of silence, the island of Mainau welcomes its guests in the winter months. "Then walkers are often alone with the old and rare trees" City guide Roswitha Frank knows. The tranquil atmosphere is best enjoyed at dusk. Breath in, breath out. The steps crunch on the gravel, while the setting sun bathes the tops of the trees in golden light and colors the sky over Lake Constance pink.

A few evergreen trees and winter bloomers break the monotony on the Mainau. The gardeners packed the rest for winter, and brought most of the palm trees into the palm house. During Advent, visitors can enjoy a Jul buffet with Swedish specialties there on Sundays. Flanked by old mandarin trees and three royal palms. A visit to the tropical butterfly house also helps against the cold. Over 30 species from Asia, Africa and America are buzzing through the air. For once, this is not at all Christmassy.

The Christmas market in Konstanz, located directly on the wintry shores of Lake Constance, is the largest on the lake with 170 stalls and 450,000 visitors per year. The mulled wine stand on two floors in the city garden offers the best view of the lake.