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In that case, OpenLinkprofiler is the best solution as it comes empowered with a truly powerful and advanced Backlink Monitor Tool. So you can use it with other tools. And it’s lightning fast too. It offers insights and data to help you improve your link building efforts. Each premium plan comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. Chief Link Building Strategist. As I have mentioned, you have the option to add the website of your competitors. When choosing a backlink management tool, it’s essential to consider the key features that will help you effectively manage and optimize your backlinks. Pricing: Prices start at $14. © SERPreach 2024 Privacy Policy Contact. KatLinks is another efficient backlink management tool to help you manage your link building campaign. When another site links to yours, the clickable text in the hyperlink should read naturally on the page.

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Recommended reading: Mangools vs Semrush: Which SEO Tool is Better. Try it Free Take The Tour. With it, you can easily track the growth of a website’s backlinks over a period of time. With esteemed clientele like NewsCorp, Yahoo. You can easily compare your website with your competitors to find new channels to use and websites to approach. First, you have to enter your URL into the search box. It has all the features you’d expect, alongside more advanced tools. This is a Moz search engine designed specifically to track links to your website. And click on «Import» and you’re done. It makes your work easier. Speed optimisation is imperative for modern sites. «And this is the only tool that does such an awesome job at everything the tools have to offer like keyword research, site explorer, website audit, and many more.

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If a request returns an error such as 404 Not Found or backlink cannot be reached, backlink is assigned Backlink not reachable status. Google Search Console is a free tool powered by Google. Use the «404 not found» filter to find highly linked to broken pages on any website and kickstart a broken link building campaign. If you haven’t created one yet, you can use the button below. If the majority of your links meet check out at least some of these requirements, you have a high quality backlink profile. The quality of the backlinks that come up in your search results carries an ‘LIS’ Link Influence Score ranking that calculates the power of the links you find by a range of factors in order to tell you its true value to your site. When it comes to competitors’ backlinks, you can use Semrush to see which high authority sites are linking to them, what keywords they are ranking for, and so much more. 8 times more backlinks than those below them. This way, you can focus on getting the kind of backlinks to subpages that that will have the highest impact on your site. Comprehensive SEO search engine optimization involves keyword research and rank tracking, on site optimization, backlink analysis, and link building.

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Discover Link Building Opportunities to Revive Your SEO. Majestic also has a useful tool that shows information about where the link is placed in a page. You’ll get alerts when you gain or lose backlinks and will be able to analyze what anchor text used for the links. This includes an extensive list of their top level cohorts e. This way we don’t have to check the placed backlinks manually. Free backlink monitors can see backlinks, and can show you a broad overview of the activity of your site but it may be harder to find more in depth information than this. Various tools for determining a domain’s age, authority, DNS records, or expired domains, among other things. One such factor is the link attribute, including «nofollow.

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Semrush is a classic backlink monitoring tool that’s been around for years. Fortunately, like the rest of OpenLinkProfiler’s service, creating an account is free. There’s also a possibility to track other websites, for example, your competition, at an additional price. In this list of Best Backlink Checker, I have ensured that you get only the top and the best link Checker Software that are preferred and used by the world’s most popular and successful bloggers, web admins, SEO professionals, and online marketers. Here are the 10 best tools for monitoring backlinks in 2023. Mostly target sites whose domain authority are equal to or higher than your site’s. Before you start working on improving your backlink profile make sure you have the right content in place. Check why this happens before your competitor steals the key phrase. Each tool offers unique features, such as email alerts, competitor analysis, and in house metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Step 2: Once you have logged in, click on the «Backlink Analytics» option from the left hand side menu. Creating a profile online is a simple and effective SEO tactic.

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The platform uses an answer based approach that businesses can use instead of links. With its easy reports, you can evaluate your link building strategy and do the best to increase its efficiency. This includes top linking sites and keywords, as well as your top backlinked URLs both internal and external. It offers plenty of other tools to help improve your linking strategy, analyze your competition, and prevent manual actions from Google that threaten your rank. All in One SEO platform covers all stages of SEO campaigns of any scale. Its advanced reporting features provide actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing your website’s technical performance. You can then choose to remove them; if you want to do it manually, You can check for bad backlinks by conducting a Manual google search. Start monitoring links with a 30 day free BuzzSumo trial. Organic backlinks – natural links from other people.

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Let’s work together to boost your B2B marketing efforts. Aside from ensuring that client websites use a fast and dependable hosting service provider, many top SEO agencies also employ all purpose SEO tools that provide comprehensive features to manage different aspects of SEO campaigns. It gives its users access to over 14 trillion links from different search engines. This is to ensure that we can keep creating free content for you. Worth noting: It’s one of the more expensive SEO tools on the market. You can use the Nofollow table header to sort all backlinks from N follow to NF nofollow or you just add F into the filter field. But if you’re an SEO specialist, you’ll be better served by other tools that provide more in depth reports. Mostly target sites whose domain authority are equal to or higher than your site’s. It will show you the best links your competitor has, but it will also help you find potential links you can get. It has a great interface and is very easy to use. It provides poor user experience to anyone trying to access the content the link promises but lands instead on a 404 page, for example. Therefore, you protect the site’s health by constantly checking the quality and tracking backlinks.

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For example, a website that has 10 high quality backlinks from authoritative, popular websites determined by domain authority will outrank a website with 100 backlinks from low quality websites. It’s a long shot but could work in some instances. You should always gain links through SEO best practices for natural linking. Have a closer look at these metrics, so you know how to interpret the results. SE ranking enables link building teams to learn about backlink profiles of your competition and analyze their backlink quality too. I’m still using Morningscore because it is regularly updated and becomes more powerful with every release. CognitiveSEO provides a variety of internet marketing tools, all of which can help push your business forward. I found it very easy to visualize and interpret data, and based on customer reviews, most users agree with that assessment. By using this software, you can create a link building campaign that will drive organic traffic to your website. Monitor Backlinks offers six different range filters. It seems to be pretty confusing and a lot of contradiction. Plus, our tiered pricing plans allow you to dynamically choose the features you need, on an annual or monthly basis. It is convenient for beginner businessmen learning how to promote their sites, professional marketers, and optimization experts alike. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.

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I have researched and tested these tools myself to ensure that they are effective and reliable. I highly recommend checking out their free trial if you’re interested in taking a look at it. By having a copy of books on demand, people who know what they are looking for can quickly and easily find what they need. By submitting this form, I agree to the data entered being used by PrestaShop S. It’s a good alternative to premium backlink checker tools. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions About the GDPR. Tool for planning and managing a workflow allowing for multiple people to collaborate. Including you, of course. The software aims to help users check their backlink popularity metrics automatically.

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11% market share 110 customers,. Compare results so you can reward the best contributors, give them feedback, or make decisions about future cooperation. Use for building tier 2 and 3 links. With the Majestic Bulk Backlink Checker you can upload up to one million domains or URLs, and return a CSV that contains key metrics for matched search terms. If you are seriously looking to speed up your WordPress website or any site, then using a content delivery network or CDN is perhaps the. Spending up to $193K for building backlinks is a HUGE investment. This backlink software also sends reminders if action is needed to be taken. It was a great addition to my online marketing strategies. The tool will then provide you with a report with all the information it found. The software crawls the web and accesses multiple data sources to provide accurate and up to date information. Monitor Backlinks features include.

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A new contender entered the SEO arena recently, and the leaders of the pack should pay attention to it. OpenLinkProfiler is a free link research tool. Majestic pricing starts at $49. Semrush only has one database of links crawled in the last 6 months so it can be tough to know how ‘fresh’ a given link is. However, it is not easy to monitor a website’s backlinks without the help of automated tools. This is the newest backlink checker on the list and one that comes possibly the nicest interface. However, you can get in touch with professionals to buy high DA backlinks to use them to your advantage. Either way, at least according to the results of this test, Moz Pro is the winner. Copyright 2023 Powered By: Full Proof Consulting LLC. As the name suggests, there is a menu, that lists all the backlinks redirecting to your site. BuzzSumo is a tool that allows you to use content insights to generate ideas and create best performing content for your business. For SEO analysis, we are using a few applications; many of them claim to provide a ‘full solution’ but since we have different departments, link building is made by only one department – we needed a very simple, web based application. However, this report gives a list of the websites that allow you to generate traffic. Plus, Semrush is one of the fastest tools on the market for discovering new backlinks.

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SimilarWeb is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that provides detailed insights into website traffic, audience behavior, and digital marketing strategies. If you want to add some power, SEO PowerSuite could be the answer. Backlinks are essential in search engine optimization SEO because they indicate to search engines that other websites consider your content valuable and trustworthy. If you lose links, they’ll tell you quickly and easily. A strong backlink profile indicates the success of your SEO efforts. AgencyAnalytics is an excellent tool when it comes to backlinks. AHREFS: A comprehensive backlink analysis tool that empowers you to analyze your website’s backlinks, gain insights into competitors’ profiles, and track your Domain Rating DR and URL Rating UR. The backlink results are sorted from highest to lowest Moon Rank. They will then monitor your rank for those keyword queries, showing you when you move over time. With its intuitive interface and robust reporting capabilities, SEMrush is the go to software for SEO agencies. Io is an easy to use backlink monitoring tool that helps to manage your live link profile. They pass link juice or link equity to the linked website, which helps to increase its search engine rankings. However, for $50 a month, you definitely get your money’s worth.

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And if you link other pages to your website, then they have a backlink from you. As your online operations scale up, you won’t have time to critique every site that backlinks to you instead of leaving your site’s fate to chance, you can understand the situation at a glance with a dedicated «spam score». Backlinks serve as a kind of «trust seal» for your website. Well, toxic backlinks can even harm your website’s SEO performance and potentially lead to penalties from search engines. A report on backlinks from Moz Pro provides a thorough analysis using exclusive metrics such as Page Authority, Spam Score, and Domain Authority. 90/month that offers a free 30 day trial. For those who need a little more oomph, the 7D4C package hands over. A high quality backlink outperforms hundreds of thousands of low quality backlinks. Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial. I launched 99signals in 2016 as a side project to document all the strategies, tools, and tactics that I was using to grow my small agency. Both play crucial roles in your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines, but understanding their distinct differences can be a game changer. Note that Ahrefs is a paid service. It also analyzes the link’s domain, giving you an overview that contains its SEO metrics, anchor text reports, keyword rankings, and more.


Monitor Backlinks found 800 total backlinks from 200 unique domains. Linkody lets you analyze your profile, your competitor’s profile, and any other profile completely for backlinks and provides you with all the data you require. It helps users understand their backlink profile with metrics like Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA, which gauge the credibility and authority of websites. So, you can make a shortlist of competitors’ backlinks to target. Besides providing essential keyword metrics like search volume, KWFinder stands out for its unique Keyword Difficulty feature. A major highlight of Monitor Backlinks is its keyword rank tracking feature. For a sustainable and continuous review of your website, each project is constantly crawled and analyzed by our crawlers to track the progress of your optimization. You can get organic traffic with the help of quality backlinks. Toxic backlinks can happen organically, or they can be the result of previous less than white hat backlinking efforts. By analyzing their backlink profiles, you can identify new linking opportunities and improve your own website’s search engine rankings. It’s time to break new ground in your niche. Backlinks were the most important ranking factor in Google’s early algorithms. With these actionable insights, website owners can enhance their SEO efforts, strengthen their online presence, and increase organic traffic. Knowing the status and quality of your backlinks, as well as the link profiles is essential for the health of your website and the success of your brand’s profile.


RankSignals is another free tool that helps you find competitor’s backlinks and traffic sources to build up your link building strategy. You may not find clear info on pricing on the official website of the provider, so make sure to contact them prior to making a purchase. I was initially not impressed with it, due to some reviews and questions asked are showing that the solution is not mature yet with some bugs and so on. Compare your domain with the closest competitors to find trusted link donors, or analyze three competitor domains to get their top link sources. Click on each link to see the information about it — number of backlinks, last time updated, and Alexa Rank. But it also has plenty of tools to help businesses track their link building campaigns. Manually checking your backlinks involves examining the links pointing to your website to assess their quality and relevance. Why it’s the best free SEO tool: Google Search Console is a great way to ensure that Google indexes your site correctly.


Change or cancel your plan at any time. So, Majestic proves to be a great SEO Backlink Checker. Naturally, toxic links or any low quality links from untrusted sites will damage your portfolio, and accruing enough of these could put you in need of a link detox. PA Page Authority and , are metrics developed by Moz that predict how well a specific page or domain will rank on search engine result pages SERPs. Anchors play a vital role as it’s what Google checks to better understand the linked page. Depending on what account level you choose, you’ll also be able to see from 500 to 5,000 links and check keywords and competitor domains. I do like both and am happy to see Moz focusing on what they do best and really bringing it lately. It cuts the time consuming process and gets things done. Here’s a step by step guide on how to choose the best backlink analysis tool for your needs. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. But if you’re doing it manually, then it could be a tedious and time consuming process. This information will help you understand the type of links pointing to your website and the quality of those links. Do you want to see where your backlinks are coming from. To check the backlink status of any site, click Site Explorer.


While there is a plethora of backlink tools that can help your online business with excellent link building, monitoring backlinks is another contentious topic many online business owners are curious about. By having this data you can now show and monitor the impact that organic and viral social media has on ROI and data driven metrics. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and your email address will NOT be published. This will open up a popup prompting you to choose a format between CSV and Google Docs. That’s why you have to react quickly if you see lost backlinks. It doesn’t offer a free trial, but it does have a free version. It’s the best choice for content marketers. Here’s what’s ahead of you. The top tools in this category are. This article will consider which backlinks and domain parameters should be checked regularly and how to simplify this task by using the most popular services. It excels in keyword tracking, which aids in discovering new link prospects.